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Concrete-alloy or cast iron smooth frame

The most used frame type, the best combination of price, installation and functionality. Large seating area, rigid and solid frame with multiple options for correct mounting on the shaft. The Smooth frame for hinge covers is 100 mm tall, other frames are 160 mm tall. For Standard hatches, a choice of internal wall heights and the option of a square base. Also suitable for high traffic loads. Saves materials for the installation of hatches.

Cast iron foot frame

Lightweight frame only recommended for low shaft compositions or light traffic loads. Light weight ensures easy handling. In all 100 mm height combinations. There is only one method of fitting, with a lot of material required to correctly fit the hatches.

Self-levelling frame

The highest quality frame, not connected to the shaft, distributes the load from the frame into and out of the shaft and follows the road level, low material consumption for installation. In all combinations, the recommended height is 130-150 mm. Multiple installation methods. Recommended for extreme traffic loads.

Concrete-alloy spreading frame

Large heavy stable frame with low material consumption, distributes the load even outside the shaft, supporting the top layer of the road, requires meticulous installation The frame is available in two dimensions, DN1000 h. 180 mm and DN1200 h. 200 mm. Suitable for extreme traffic loads, but also for repairing damaged manholes.